Woodland Therapy 

  • Contact with the environment
  • Engage with nature
  • Look Listen Touch Taste Smell – sensory awareness/perception
  • Tree recognition
  • Night walking, bat and owl watching and listening
  • Families, groups, individuals and organisations

Woodland Camping and Cooking

  • Enjoy the secluded tranquil woodland environment; Camp with us in tents, brushwood bivvies and bivvie tarps
  • Experience cooking on open fires, prepare and serve simple or complex meals
  • Learn how to maintain the fire, fuel and ember movement, use the grids or try the oven.

Survival Courses

  • Escape and Evasion, Survival Principles, Fire by Friction, Fire, Water, Shelter, Traps and Snares
  • Come prepared for anything with nothing. Tailored for all ages and all requirements
  • Learn through Explanation Demonstration and Imitation

Shelter Building

  • Dens for fun¬† Play for all Ages
  • Brushwood Bivvies to Sleep in, waterproof but open with nature.
  • Safe construction material and methods

Bushcraft Special Interest Group

  • Bushcraft/woodcraft – water-shelter-warmth-filters-safe techniques-fire lighting methods and materials
  • Woodcraft, knife skills and safety, knife and saw skills
  • wood splitting
  • Ropes, lashings, knots and hitches
  • Projects and problem solving

Observation Skills

  • Learn how to track, signs of activity,
  • Day time and Night time skills Colours, light and dark, shade and greys
  • Wildlife watching
  • Trail camera captures Video and stills


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We provide:

  • A safe place to experience woodlands adventures, bushcraft and survival courses in a tranquil woodland enviroment
  • open fire eating, survival and bushcraft skills
  • a R&R retreat for those from a city background
  • a learning environment for those wanting to expand their bushcraft knowledge and experience.
  • Part Day, Day or Weekend courses
  • Overnight experiences
  • Two night over three day experiences
  • learn to build shelters
  • Light and sustain fires, cook your meals
  • make use of woodland and bushcraft too;s and resources
  • Groups can consist of Families Only, Dads n Lads, Women Only, men only, organisations , schools and colleges