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Woodland Adventures

  • Sensory Awareness – Look Listen Touch Taste Smell and……
  • Environmental Education, Tree recognition Which are which, the Who’s who of trees, what are their uses
  • Games for fun, discovery and learning
  • Playing with the Elements
  • Night walking, bat and owl watching and listening
  • Families, groups, individuals and organisations

Woodland Camping and Cooking

  • Enjoy the secluded tranquil woodland environment; Camp with us in tents, brushwood bivvies and bivvie tarps
  • Experience cooking on open fires, prepare and serve simple or complex meals
  • Learn how to maintain the fire, fuel and ember movement, use the grids or try the oven.

Bushcraft Special Interest Group

  • Spars and Ropes, lashings Knots and hitches;
    Whipping & splicing
  • Woodcraft, carving. Saw and knife skills. Wood
    Splitting  Making Shingles for bird and dormouse
    boxes as well as coverings
  • Bushcraft and Survival Skills Special Interest Group
    Events of the Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL)
  • Lifting and Mechanical Advantage with Pulleys and

Survival Courses

  • Escape and Evasion, Survival Principles, Fire by Friction, Fire, Water, Shelter, Traps and Snares
  • Come prepared for anything with nothing. Tailored for all ages and all requirements
  • Learn through Explanation Demonstration and Imitation

Shelter Building

  • Dens for fun  Play for all Ages
  • Brushwood Bivvies to Sleep in, waterproof but open with nature.
  • Safe construction material and methods

Observation Skills

  • Learn how to track, signs of activity,
  • Day time and Night time skills Colours, light and dark, shade and greys
  • Wildlife watching
  • Trail camera captures Video and stills


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We provide:

  • Woodland adventures, bushcraft and survival courses including bushcraft, Survival courses, Woodland Camping & Cooking, Pioneering and Craft, Observation and Listening, Foraging and Recognition. The courses can be as our standard contents or tailored to your own requirements for individuals and groups.
  • Part Day, Day or Weekend courses for adventures, Overnight Experiences or Week Long Camps. This is where you can learn how to Build Shelters, Light Fires, Cook Your Meals, Make & Use Woodland and Bushcraft Tools and Resources. Undertake Pioneering and Get Orienteering. Record Sights and Sounds and take part in Fun Adventure Activities.
  • Groups can consist of Families Only, Dads n Lads, Women Only, Mums and Children Parents & Children, Men Only, Youth Groups, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Organisations, Church or Corporate Groups. We also organise and facilitate Birthday Parties and Special Occasions.
  • Training to build shelters, cook meals on open fires you light, and to make and use woodland tools
  • Woodland Wild Nights are very popular along with the Brushwood Bivvie Building and Overnight Stay. We also have practical woodland management activities that put you in touch quickly and simply with ‘Caring 4 it’.
  • fabulous locations, equipment, food and transport helping you to be at one with the environment
We are proud to support